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What can I learn

What can I learn?

This category has all the best educational materials: free online courses, toolkits and activity guides.


How to really help young entrepreneurs

Guidebook on how to design an impactful entrepreneurship support project

How to collect qualitative data for your project

Focus Group Discussion with women with Djalori, Niger – Picture: Amanda Nero Qualitative research…

Journalist toolkit

Online and offline tools for training journalists on migration

Youth take over

Empowering youth with small scale interventions

How to shoot a video on your smartphone

It’s likely that you have an incredible, ready-to-use studio inside your pocket, you might just don…

Online course: Communication for Development (C4D)

Communication for Development, or C4D, is a people-centered process where communication tools and…

Print & Play Our Migration Board Game

My World Trip Boardgame is an exciting tile placement game for up to 2- 4 players from the age of…

Online course: COVID-19 community engagement

How do you gain the trust of a community during a pandemic? What is the benefit of telling the…