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What can I learn

What can I learn?

This category has all the best educational materials: free online courses, toolkits and activity guides.


Journalist toolkit

Online and offline tools for training journalists on migration

Youth take over

Empowering youth with small scale interventions

How to shoot a video on your smartphone

It’s likely that you have an incredible, ready-to-use studio inside your pocket, you might just don…

Our top 5 image banks

In an earlier blog, we explained why we believe it’s so important to use high quality images in…

Online course: Communication for Development (C4D)

Communication for Development, or C4D, is a people-centered process where

Print & Play Our Migration Board Game

My World Trip Boardgame is an exciting tile placement game for up to 2- 4 players from the age of…

Online course: COVID-19 community engagement

How do you gain the trust of a community during a pandemic? What is the benefit of telling the…

Online Course: The Backway Improvisation Theatre

The Backway Theatre is a tool developed by IOM to