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Journalist toolkit

Online and offline tools for training journalists on migration
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Migrants as Messengers volunteers interviewing a returnee migrant in Kayar, Senegal, image by IOM

Migration is a complex topic. Journalists play an important role in unpacking these complexities. It’s their role to give the public a clear understanding of all sides of the migration paradigm. 

When a reporter tells a migration story in a balanced and ethical way, he or she is helping migrants to make informed decisions. Accurate information also helps communities and families to support migrants in making knowledgeable choices. And finally, fair stories contribute to upholding the dignity of migrants worldwide. 

The Journalist Toolkit comprises a set of creative and engaging educational tools. You can use them for different audiences, and tailor them to their needs. The tools can serve different interests and learning goals. Finally, some can be used for individual learning, at your own pace.

Journalist e-Learning

The online course takes 60 minutes to complete. It introduces migration terms and trends, as well as best practices for fair and ethical reporting.

A Migrant’s Journey

migrant journey car traveling

A Migrant’s Journey – interactive game developed by IOM

Available online and offline, this choice-based game draws on the real-life experiences of migrants. It highlights the many difficult decisions people face in irregular migration situations and encourage further learning.

Find the offline Migrant’s Journey here: Download

Journalist Handbook

The handbook provides guidance on the complexities of migration – including laws, terms, and trends – and provides advice on finding and publishing migration-related stories, in an ethical manner.

In-class Journalist Training

This fully tailorable, nine-module course can be conducted in person. The course usually takes 2 to 3 days. You can directly use the PowerPoint Presentation below, combined with the Facilitator’s Guide. The course seeks to provide students with a complete picture of migration, and the role of journalists in telling migration-related stories

The Journalist Toolkit is available for use by all interested organizations and individuals. For further information please contact