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This is a large selection of articles explaining activities created by IOM and giving you lots of new information on how to talk about migration, interact with young people and their community members.


Safe Migration Information for Afghans

Five Afghan Diaspora Associations based in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have in close…

Imzad: Music of the Sahel

How a cultural practice can strengthen female leadership


This category has all the best educational materials: free online courses, toolkits and activity guides.


E-learning: Implementing The Life Skills Game

Learn how to implement a Life Skills Game for secondary school students, covering Trafficking of…

E-learning: Implementing Community Dialogue and Peer Education

A self-paced online module for implementers developed by IOM Nigeria. Learn how to roll out…

Online Course on Mental Health & Migration Awareness Raising

Learn how migration impacts mental health and how we can support migrants and vulnerable people…


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Episode 2

Why taking the Backway isn’t a matter of individualist thinking

In this second episode of the Research Series podcast, Elia Vitturini speaks about the ethnographic fieldwork him and his team led in The Gambia.

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Let's Guide Safe Migration Together