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The Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) Academy

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Introduction to the Course 

Delve deep into the heart of change with the SBC Academy, an immersive and conversational course created to help you master the art and science of Social and Behaviour Change (SBC). Through a 4-day journey of informative presentations, group exercises, and meaningful discourse implementers from IOM, our partners and government staff will learn to understand the importance of behavioural science in creating positive waves of change on the community level! 

In this course, you will learn about Social and Behaviour Change in a practical and theoretical perspective— theoretical, in understanding the underpinning of SBC and understanding the processes involved in applying this theory on the field, and practical in using conversations, exercises, and tools to practice the application of this theory in your work. Catering to your specific interests and sustainable goals, the SBC Academy is host to various topics like Using Digital Technologies and Innovations for SBC, the Theory of Change, and even delving into the Best Practices for SBC-inclusive activity design to further improve on-field community engagement. 

Join us and the MAGENTA Academy, experts and practitioners of SBC, as we embark on this collaborative journey towards positive change. Explore the science behind behaviors, unleash your potential for strategic planning and design, and champion positive change through meaningful dialogue and discourse.


What is Behavioral Science? 

Behavioural Science is a key aspect of Social and Behaviour Change which uses theories and methods from disciplines such as psychology and behavioural economics. It is drawn from a wide variety of social scientific methods that are relevant to implementer’s decision-making and are essential in designing people-centered policies and interventions. 

The SBC Academy is rooted in activities that are: 

Social and Behaviour Change Academy Roots

By focusing on how to empower individuals and communities through understanding the existing communal norms and how individuals process information, influence, and relate to one another, behavioural science is at the core of Social and Behaviour Change. 


What can I expect? 

The SBC Academy uses a mixed pedagogical approach that includes a combination of presentation, group exercises, and discussion. You will be engaging in dialogue with fellow IOM implementers and government staff in your theories and executions. 

IOM's existing participative tools and techniques for community engagement and development will be at the heart of this training which will dive deeper into behavioural science research, effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation, while paying attention to cross-cutting issues like mental health, psychosocial support, and inclusion, to create bridges between the areas of prevention, protection and reintegration. 

Some topics to be discussed in this course include: 

  • Introduction to Behavioural Research 

  • Narrative Building 

  • Nudging and Messaging 

  • Theory of Change 

  • Activity Design and Best Implementation Practices 


Through the SBC Academy, IOM staff and partners will learn to implement SBC principles in their work, with a particular emphasis on undertaking initiatives that support secure migration, strengthen protection for migrants, and encourage sustainable reintegration of returning migrants at the community level. 


Who can apply? 

The Social and Behaviour Change Academy is open to IOM staff, our implementing partners and governments from partner countries. The next in-person editions are planned on February 13 to 16, 2024 in French in Morocco, and on March 4 to 7, 2024 in Arabic in Egypt. Currently, applications are closed. An English edition is planned in the course of 2024 and more information will be shared through this channel. 

All materials used during the Academy will be made available here on Yenna. Stay tuned for the latest info or contact for more details.