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What can I learn

What can I discover?

This is a large selection of articles explaining activities created by IOM and giving you lots of new information on how to talk about migration, interact with young people and their community members.


K-par-Cas 2: A Groundbreaking Toolkit for Migrant Mental Health Support

Returning migrants often encounter substantial challenges in reintegrating into their home…

Safe Migration Information for Afghans

Five Afghan Diaspora Associations based in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have in close…

TEST: Training Drupal with Moustapha

Face to Face training with Moustapha on Drupal.

Imzad: Music of the Sahel

How a cultural practice can strengthen female leadership


The power of co-creation to generate intergenerational dialogue

Evaluating WhatsApp as a Migrant Survey Tool

Our phones – like it or not, they have become an integral part of our lives. As well as being our…