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Safe Migration Information for Afghans

Safe Migration Information for Afghans

Five Afghan Diaspora Associations based in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have in close collaboration with Danish Refugee Council and Mixed Migration Centre Asia developed informational materials on safe migration for Afghans wanting to leave Afghanistan and Afghans on the move towards Europe.

Each Afghan Diaspora Association has developed different informational videos based on credible and validated information collected by the Mixed Migration Centre Asia between 2019 – 2022 in border areas in Afghanistan and Turkey.

The purpose of the information material is to provide credible information on safe migration, general asylum procedures in Europe, and the family reunification conditions in Germany for Afghans in Afghanistan and Afghans on the move so that they can make informed decisions before and during their migration journeys.

Watch the video below to learn more about the project or visit the project website for more information.

The project report can be found in the Yenna download section.