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What can I learn

What can I discover?

This is a large selection of articles explaining activities created by IOM and giving you lots of new information on how to talk about migration, interact with young people and their community members.


Using mural art to promote a migrant helpline in Libya

How an unexpected twist resulted in an inclusive, participatory mural

Behavioural science & migration

Migration is a relatively new field for behavioural science but it’s a field with a great deal of…

How social theatre contributes to safer migration

Migrants as Messengers using social theatre in Senegal When you hear the word ‘theatre’, what…

A toolkit designed to tackle migration misinformation

The decision of whether to migrate or stay home is already a difficult choice to make. It involves…

Online marketing for volunteer associations

Why should associations market themselves online? When it comes to community engagement, we’re…

The difference between mission and vision

Being clear about mission and vision helps organizations plan the way forward

Discover social theatre

Social theatre is a powerful tool for community engagement

C4D Academy Tips & Tools

IOM’s first C4D Academy took place in Tunis, Tunisia in 2022 Introducing the C4D Academy…