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Road to Equality

Road to Equality

In many parts of the world, the month of March is dedicated to women.

We celebrate their achievements, while given extra attention to the remaining roadblocks on the journey to gender equality. Today, half of the world’s migrants are women and girls. That is 140 million women and girls on the move. And their experience is in many ways shaped by their gender.

Although there are global similarities in the way gender inequalities manifest themselves, the experiences of women and girls are unique depending on where they find themselves in the world. Even if they share the same dreams, the roads they travel to achieve them will differ. 

Cultural norms and the expectations those around them shape the identities and migration experiences of women. Many manage to transform inequalities and challenges into strengths, building on the foundations of their cultural identities to create a path that is their own.

Whether you find yourself in Ethiopia or Iraq, in Egypt or Chad, there are many ways you can contribute to increased gender equality. Right where you are, in this moment, you can show that you care.

Here is what you can do :