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IOM Toolkit: Guiding the Way for Migrant Centres

Migrant centres

When migrants find themselves stuck and in need of help during their journey, things can get tough. That's where IOM, along with governments and partners, steps in. They've set up places called migrant centres along the routes migrants take. These centres provide urgent help. They give migrants a place to stay, emotional support, help talking to their country's officials, info about their journey, and even help if they want to go back home. The data they gather from registering migrants (while keeping their info safe) helps them understand migration better and helps with making better rules and plans. Lots of migrants get this kind of help every year. So, these centres are really important for helping people who are on the move.

In September 2021, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) shared its Migrant Centres toolkit with everyone. This toolkit is like a big online toolbox. It helps people who work in the field have the right tools to set up and run migrant centres. It has important stuff like guides, tools, good ways to do things, and examples of how to set up and run these centres. There's also a package of hands-on tools to help people working at the centres. They also made a training kit to help people learn how to work at these centres. This training kit is in English and French. It's split into three parts for different kinds of people and needs:

1. The Basics of the Migrant Centres Toolkit – for anyone who wants to help with these centres.

2. Using the Migrant Centres Toolkit – for people who work at the centres and give help to migrants.

3. How to Actually Use the Migrant Centres Toolkit – for partners and staff who work in the field and give help to migrants.

The Migrant Centres Toolkit got its funds from two programmes: the EU-IOM Joint Initiative for Migrant Protection and Reintegration and the Cooperation on Migration and Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Solutions (COMPASS) project.

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The One pager of the Migrant Centres Toolkit can be found in the Yenna download section.