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How to really help young entrepreneurs

How to really help young entrepreneurs

Guidebook on how to design an impactful entrepreneurship support project
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Rwanda. Ngororero. Local shoping seller.

We all are aware that creating your own project requires a certain level of preparation but above all it requires following a step-by-step design and implementation process that will allow you to reach your goal. 

We want you to succeed so therefore, IOM created a guidebook with guiding questions, recommendations, and checklists that will accompany you throughout your project journey. The creation of this  guidebook is based on the evaluation and lessons learnt of the program “Supporting Young Entrepreneurs in The Gambia”. This program created as an answer to the needs that we identified when working and talking with youths in The Gambia. We transformed this rich experience into a guidebook which you can use to launch or boost your entrepreneurship programme. 

Are you a national, local or intergovernmental institution? An entrepreneur aiming to develop a project with social impact? Then reading this guidebook can be your first step.

It’s brought to you a step-by-step approach structured around four chapters, each representing a crucial project design ‘question’:

  1. How to start an entrepreneurship support project?
  2. How to prepare for an entrepreneurship support project?
  3. How to design and implement an entrepreneurship support project?
  4. How to follow up on an entrepreneurship support project?

This guidebook can help you find inspiration and innovative methods to foster economic and social change within community! Click below to download it now!