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Understanding K-par-Cas-2: A Tool for Migrants' Reintegration and Mental Health

In 2021, the "K-par-Cas-2" toolkit was developed as a collaborative effort between The Ink Link,…

K-par-Cas 2: A Groundbreaking Toolkit for Migrant Mental Health Support

Returning migrants often encounter substantial challenges in reintegrating into their home…

Imzad: Music of the Sahel

How a cultural practice can strengthen female leadership


The power of co-creation to generate intergenerational dialogue

Let's talk: Community Conversation in Ethiopia

Facilitating conversations about the risks of irregular migration

Awareness raising in the Sahel & Lake Chad

The EU IOM Joint Initiative aims to contribute to strengthening the governance of migration in…

Fighting human trafficking through awareness raising

Human trafficking and migration Human trafficking (or Trafficking in Persons) is a global crime…