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How to market your volunteer association online

How to market your volunteer association online

Tips & tools to get started

In online marketing for volunteer associations, we covered why online marketing helps with visibility, credibility and, as a result, sustainability through more funding and partnership opportunties.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at what you need to get started with effective online marketing:

  • A clear strategy
  • A brand graphic charter
  • A strong social media presence:
  • A professional website

Key elements of a good digital strategy

  • Responsive website with engaging content: You need a professional website that has engaging content. Whenever someone visits your website, they need to see easy to understand information that relates to your mission.
  • An SEO strategy: This is specific to each association. We won’t go into details here but keep this in mind if you are working with a web designer. It can include carefully choosing the words on your website, having a blog so that your website will appear higher in Google search results and even the coding of the website.
  • Email marketing campaigns: It’s important to have a database of people you can reach out to. Even if your target audience isn’t using email, you can still think about how to reach current or potential partners and funders.
  • Social media marketing: Who are you talking to and where do you talk to them online? What are you going to share with them? You need to have a plan that is long-term and cohesive.
  • Digital advertising campaigns: You can run ads on social media and you can use ads to target specific people who you want to reach.

The basics of a good brand graphic charter

  • Logo: Should be appealing.
  • Typography: The fonts that you will use on all of your marketing materials.
  • Colour palette: Having specific colours helps people recognize your association.
  • Digital templates: Profile picture, cover, stories, frames, email signature, newsletters, etc…
  • Other applications: Clothes, goodies to offer to people at events or meetings (ie: notebook, pen), business cards, etc…

Check out this example of a brand graphic charter from an association of returnees called Greet Esan Returnees Association (GERA) here.

How do you build a strong social media presence?

Social media is likely the best option for you to market your association online. To build a strong social media presence you need:

  • Social media platforms
  • Content
  • Apps & tools