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Migration board game

My World Trip board game is an exciting tile placement game for up to 2- 4 players. It features 198 countries around the world including their flag, map, and the continent they belong to.

As aliens, players race each other to take two scientists to a secret location on one of the continents in the world while avoiding the natural and human disasters on their way.

The game was designed to introduce players to all countries of the world and in so doing ignite their curiosity about these countries. 

My World Trip board game can be played by anyone from the age of 12 years and can last up to 60 mins.

How to play

Schools, youth clubs and any inclusive spaces are excellent choices for playing My World Trip. Game facilitators may ask players to talk about:

  • Which new countries they learned about
  • New continents they learned about
  • Plans they might have to visit those countries
  • Future ambitions
Players also learn:
  • Prioritizing (by focusing on the game’s objectives)
  • Coordination (through tile placement and hand coordination)
  • Setting and meeting objectives (incited by bonus system)

Now you are here, check out our tutorial on how to create the boardgame at home and get started. See you are the secret location!

This project was funded through the EU-IOM Joint Initiative’s Innovation Fund for Creative Awareness Raising Ideas.