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Imzad: Music of the Sahel

How a cultural practice can strengthen female leadership


The power of co-creation to generate intergenerational dialogue

Let's talk: Community Conversation in Ethiopia

Facilitating conversations about the risks of irregular migration


Nigeria Life Skills Game

Nigeria Life Skills Game to combat TiP, SoM and Irregular Migration is a self-paced e-learning…

Peer Education Web

Community Dialogue and Peer Education to combat TiP, SoM and Irregular Migration

Mental Health & Migration Awareness Raising

During this course, you will learn how migration impact mental health and how one can support…



Episode 2

Why taking the Backway isn’t a matter of individualist thinking

In this second episode of the Research Series podcast, Elia Vitturini speaks about the ethnographic fieldwork him and his team led in The Gambia.

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