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How social theatre contributes to safer migration

How social theatre contributes to safer migration

mam theatre

Migrants as Messengers using social theatre in Senegal

When you hear the word ‘theatre’, what comes to mind? It may not be migration, domestic violence, drug abuse or the environment but all of these complex issues can be addressed through social theatre, a participatory art practice.

“Social theatre, for me, is about bringing theatre closer to communities,” says Mamadou Diol, the artistic director of Senegalese theatre troupe Kàddu Yaraax who collaborated with IOM’s Awareness Raising Unit to produce a set of social theatre tools. Social theatre can take many forms but all are deeply connected to storytelling traditions and performed rituals that exist around the world, including in West Africa.  

When it comes to migration, social theatre practioners like Mamadou and the returned migrants who volunteer with Migrants as Messengers (MaM) have seen first hand just how powerful social theatre can be.